About Us

James Harding University is an online institution for professional education offering a wide range of accredited and globally recognized degrees. The university fundamentally caters to the needs of those students who want to pursue their studies through unconventional mediums of education that do not require visiting campus or attending regular classes. James Harding University is known for providing students the opportunity to advance in their careers through academic excellence, without having their jobs compromised.

Our Mission

"James Harding University exists with a mission of provide quality education using its online platform. The university offers an extensive range of accredited degrees, certificates and diplomas to the students, worldwide. These programs facilitate the nourishment of skills for the students and enhance their career progression. At James Harding University we are not only providing superior quality education but also facilitating students in other areas such as scholarships and job placements."

Helping the World Change

At James Harding University we work in collaboration with our faculty, students, corporate partners and various other agencies to stimulate the development and welfare of our society. We believe that education is the most powerful tool to bring a positive change in the society hence we contribute in that direction as generously as possible. Above all, James Harding University offers quality education and all other services at the most affordable prices further supported by a number of grants and scholarships.

Shaping Minds

At James Harding University, we understand that education plays a crucial part in shaping lives but more importantly, minds. Keeping that under consideration, the education provided at JHU is expected to be a life-changing experience. The program-design at James Harding University is such that it instills critical thinking and analytical skills in you, as your second nature. One of the factors that differentiate James Harding University from others is its extensive range of 16 schools of study to choose from, offering 71 diverse majors. James Harding University offers the broadest range of industry-responsive majors to students that help them achieve their academic and professional goals.

Reshaping Education

At James Harding University, facilitating students by all means is our top priority. The JHU management is well acquainted with the fact that a greater majority of our students are working professionals; hence, we have designed flexible class schedules using the technology to our advantage, so that we can fulfill our promise. The user interface for our virtual classrooms is extremely user-friendly and conveniently accessible from anywhere. Our student advisors are always reachable and willing to help you whenever it is required. From the day you enroll till the day you graduate from JHU, our representatives will always be there for you like the institution itself.