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James Harding University has consistently been on the headlines, receiving accolades from international media for its exceptional academic services. The following are some of the latest happenings at JHU:

James Harding University’s Online Programs Promising More than Just Education

Online education has become the most preferred mode of education for the busy working adults and students of today. This is because this medium, affords maximum convenience and comfort as well as flexibility that allows it to integrate itself easily into the hectic schedules of working people today. However, not all online universities are the same and when it comes to academic offerings one name that stands out from all the rest is James Harding University...

James Harding University Promoting the Entrepreneurial Spirit in the Modern Student

James Harding University is a premier online university that provides top of the line education to students all over the world. The University is known for its curriculum which is industry responsive and pertinent to the times so that students receive an education that is both comprehensive & contemporary. James Harding University aims at equipping the modern student with all the necessary tools...

James Harding University Focusing on Student Personality Development

James Harding University has always considered it one of their core responsibilities to create opportunities for people around the world in order to help them excel; academically as well as professionally. Working on the same lines, James Harding University has initiated the idea to focus on Personality Development for its students worldwide.