Services We Provide

James Harding University believes in services excellence exactly the way it aims for academic excellence for it s students. To meet the requirements of students and other stakeholders James Harding University has created a web of integrated services. With the help of these services, student facilitation is ensured in all areas ranging from scholarships to credit transfer facilities.

The following are some of the services provided by James Harding University:

Scholarship Program

At James Harding University we ensure that acquiring education remains your only concern and for the rest there is James Harding University. Working on the same lines, we have designed some of the most beneficial scholarship programs to help students in financing their education without much effort. These scholarships are awarded on both need and merit-basis so that everyone around the world gets equal opportunity to realize academic excellence which is imperative for career growth.

Student & Alumni Center

Once you become a part of James Harding University we ensure that optimum value is added to your experience through our Student and Alumni Services Center. Students and Alumni are given access to dedicated portal services that they can use from anywhere they want. Everyone who becomes a part of James Harding is kept informed and updated through the portal, along with the facility to manage their assignments, tests and assessment results, ordering transcripts, contact the related faculty members and other important things related to the classroom. All these services are provided without any additional charges but serve as your primary access to campus throughout the period of education.

At the same time, the esteemed alumni will also have access to our premium portal services for a lifetime. The access given to alumni is even more important because it gives them a common platform to remain connected to the institutions as well as among themselves. We also encourage our alumni to suggest any changes for improvements in JHU services, processes and procedures.

Credit Transfer Facility

Credit transfer facility is one of the most beneficial services provided to the students, being the very need of time. Students may at times require moving to James Harding from other universities or vice versa, hence it is important that their valuable time and money is saved by recognizing their credits that they have already earned at other institutions. When there credits are transferred students are exempted from taking those courses again which indeed saves their time and money. A more contemporary form of earning credits has also been introduced at JHU. With our Prior Learning Experience Program you can earn credits for your learning and experiences at work which in-turn helps you to earn your degrees even more promptly.

Apostille & Embassy Legalization

Legalization of your documents is extremely important right after the completion of your degree. At James Harding University we guarantee that your credentials are acknowledged and recognized no matter where you present your degree, diplomas or certificates. The documents are verified by the embassy of country of your residence giving you complete freedom and privilege to use your credentials to the best of your advantage globally. The university charges a minimal fee for the legalization services but the benefits are far more than the cost you have to pay for the legalization of your credentials.

Free Consultancy

Keeping in mind our global reach of the institution and work schedules around the world, we have setup a free consultancy for our students and other stakeholders to provide them non-stop service round the clock. For further convenience you can contact us through the channel of your convenience; email, phone or chat. Students can connect to their student counselors regarding their concerns and advice according to their suitability.