At James Harding we enable our students to discover and innovative solutions related the modern day work scenarios with the help of some of our contemporary teaching methodology and curriculum design.

Curriculum by Design

The James Harding curriculum is planned to encourage passionate students and executives to continue adding value to their organizations and selves with sufficient attention and contribution towards people and planet. While designing our curriculum we ensure that entrepreneurial thought and creativity sustains as the central idea. In the world of academics, James Harding’s curriculum is considered a benchmark especially when it comes to preparing professionals for the contemporary workplace practices and entrepreneurial initiatives.


A dedicated faculty: More than 80% of JH’s permanent faculty members hold doctoral degrees or equivalent. These faculty members are not only academically well-off but also hold an extensive experience in their respective areas of profession.

Workplace experience and practical knowledge: The curriculum followed at James Harding guarantees practical knowledge and a sound understanding about the modern day workplace scenario.

Integrated learning: The contemporary world of business is highly integrated and globally connected making connectivity and integration absolutely inevitable. James Harding thus maintains high level of corporate partnerships all around the world to facilitate holistic learning and global exposure.

Case-studies that equip you for modern day work settings: Faculty at James Harding develops teaching cases and assignments pertaining to particular regions, markets, and various enterprise settings.

Shared vision: At James Harding you work in teams with professional educators and students, enabling you to learn and grow much more promptly than otherwise. The exclusive research platform sponsored by James Harding University provides students with the opportunity to carry-out some of the most modern research in a variety of fields. The knowledge gained from various sources is shared at all levels by all the members who share a common vision of continuous learning and professional excellence.


The James Harding Entrepreneur Experience Lab puts entrepreneurial talent at the center of the creativity and operations to develop, test, and implement a range of novel solutions that will help the world become much more advanced and equip it to face the upcoming challenges with the help of JHU’s polished entrepreneurial talent.