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James Harding University is known for its well-designed degree programs catering to every individual's needs. Be it the need to climb-up the career ladder in the organization, to advance in your career or your personal satisfaction, James Harding University 's online programs are designed for you.



We provide up to date education through its state of the art online education system.



An engineering degree presents a rigorous course of study for entry-level positions as an engineer,



We offer intensive and acomprehensive programs that allow students to become registered nurses.


Social Services

We are creating a new generation of social workers dedicated to serving the most vulnerable members of society


Computer Science

By pursuing a degree in Computer Science students can acquire skills pertaining to the operation of computer hardware & software.



The School of Psychology at James Harding University offers understanding of various roles social behavior,


  • JAN
    Career Planning Convention
    9am - 3pm
  • JAN
    Seminar on Marketing Culture
    5pm - 6pm
  • JAN
    Employment Trends Symposium
    10am - 5pm

James Harding University’ Online Programs Promising More than Just Education

Online education has become the most preferred mode of education for the busy working adults and students of today. This is because this medium...
December 31, 2016

James Harding University Promoting the Entrepreneurial Spirit in the Modern Student

James Harding University is a premier online university that provides top of the line education to students all over the world. The University is known for its curriculum which is industry responsive...
December 31, 2016

James Harding University Focusing on Student Personality Development

James Harding University has always considered it one of their core responsibilities to create opportunities for people around the world in order to help them excel; academically as well as professionally.
January 16, 2016

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Best e-MBA Program Online Program News, an independent online education ranking body has released its 2012 rankings in which James Harding University is ranked number 4 for its e-MBA program. With over 3300 graduates so far and 4500 currently enrolled, the program is growing more popular globally.
Roderick-C Awards
James Harding University has won multiple Roderick-C awards for excellence in online education. Every year, the consortium recognizes individuals, institutions and organizations committed to quality online education. Click here to learn more about the Roderick Consortium and the awards JHU has won.