Schools and Majors

James Harding University is a prestigious and globally recognized online university that offers an extensive range of majors specifically catering the professionals and working adults. The fields of majors at James Harding University have been designed to best meet the industry requirements of today. Professionals and employers from around the world have played a vital part in helping us to formulate our industry-responsive curricula.

The reason why these degree programs are designed in collaboration with academic and industry professionals is to ensure quality, relevance and rigor. Additionally, our diversely experienced faculty and students make valuable contributions in setting the appropriate tone for these programs.

James Harding graduates are enjoying and excelling in numerous areas of profession including; business management, psychology, law & criminal justice, medicine, theater, music & script composition, IT, engineering, education, journalism, creative writing and many more.

Explore the JHU degree programs and choose the area of study that helps you the best, both professionally and personally.