Welcome to the School of Applied Arts

At James Harding School of Applied Arts students are taught through Visual Communication and their skills are developed in the areas pertaining to Interior & Exterior Designing. The JHU School of Applied Arts gives you an extended choice of programs to choose from, ranging from basic and advanced level degree programs that are recognized and accredited by agencies from all over the world.

James Harding School of Applied Arts offers degree, diploma and certificate program with the opportunity to specialize in three areas of Applied Arts. To remain abreast with the latest developments in the field, the curriculum is regularly revised for required updates and improvements so that the students receive the best value for the money they invest in their education along with the assurance of a promising career.

At JHU School of Applied Arts students are prepared for success in the modern workplace through contemporary knowledge and professional experiences. During the course of study at JHU, students are given opportunities to excel in the field of arts through seminars and trainings on regular basis to guarantee comprehensive training and knowledge for a rich career. The degrees earned in the field of Applied Arts are helpful in pursuing a wide range of career such as, Architecture, Media Sciences, Graphic Designing, Painting and many more. At James Harding School of Applied Arts, every single course has been carefully structured to support students in their career progression and success.


With an ever-growing demand for artists and media professionals, the academic achievement from JHU School of Applied Arts creates an unbeatable combination of knowledge and success. Selecting majors and/or faculty is an important decision since it sets a career-path for you hence we ensure that students are given complete freedom which choosing their majors. Students can select majors at any point during their course of study with the option of changing them as well to match their requirements the best. The following is a list of majors that students can choose from.

  • Majors Offered
  • Faculty
Following are the majors being offered at the school of Applied Arts

Renowned Majors

  • Visual Communication

Exclusive Majors

  • Interior Design
  • Architecture
Following are the faculty members currently serving at the School of Applied Arts

Mr. James KrausMaster's - UOC , LA