Welcome to the School of Education

At James Harding University we consider the improvement in the enterprise of education central to the welfare and development of the society. With such perspective, we consider it our primary responsibility to produce educators who can help us create a better world. With our objective to create future leadership in education we work with complete dedication to create and improve opportunities for students to ensure their secure future and an upgraded society. Our online degree programs and advanced classrooms allow students to set their own pace for studies without having to compromise their professional and personal commitments.

With nine areas of specialization, James Harding School of Education offers degree, diploma and certificate programs to the students worldwide. To remain in line with the changing trends we ensure that our curriculum and teaching methodology always keep up with time.

Bearing in mind the contemporary education division that comprises of offers, instruction and training, James Harding School of Education is dedicated to provide up-to-date knowledge to its students through its state of the art Online Education System. Teaching positions that make up roughly half of educational service jobs require at least a bachelor's degree, followed by more advanced ones that require master's or doctoral degree.

The online courses create learning opportunities for teachers who are passionate and sincere about helping their community and society as a whole. The School of Education prepares students for a rewarding career in an industry that is ever-growing.


With an ever-growing demand for professional educators, the academic achievement from JHU School of Education creates an unbeatable combination of knowledge and success. Selecting majors and/or faculty is an important decision since it sets a career-path for you hence we ensure that students are given complete freedom which choosing their majors. Students can select majors at any point during their course of study with the option of changing them as well to match their requirements the best. The following is a list of majors that students can choose from.

  • Majors Offered
  • Faculty
Following are the majors being offered at the school of Education

Renowned Majors

  • Early Education
  • Middle Level Education
  • Adult Education
  • Special Education
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Teaching and learning
  • Administration and Supervision
  • Curriculum and Instruction

Exclusive Majors

  • Teaching Assistant
Following are the faculty members currently serving at the School of Education

Ms. Rudi LeenaMaster's Degree - MSC University

Ms. Sharon Balch M.S. - Northern Illinois University

Mr. Mark WillisMasters - University of Phoenix

Mr. Carol Jean Masters - Grand Canyon University

Mr. Peter DonelleyTrainer - NC Consultance

Mr. Patrick Hill Instructor - Arab International