At James Harding University, we provide highly affordable, premium quality education using state-of-the-art technological platform. We have structured the fees to ensure maximum student convenience and financial ease. To facilitate our students further, we have formulated payment plans that certainly help students to continue their studies without any financial burden. Our scholarships, credit transfer facility, fee payment options and employer tuition reimbursement programs have helped many to realize substantial reduction in fees.

Tuition Fee

Being a student-driven university, it our prime objective to provide premium quality education in the most economical manner to the students worldwide. The fee structure for degree and diploma programs at James Harding University is such that it makes education far more affordable.

Credit Transfer

The courses that you may have taken at another institution matching JHU’s standards can be exempted when you transfer your credits to James Harding. This basically helps you in two ways; saving you from the hassle of taken those courses again and ascertaining that your pocket is not needlessly overtaxed.

Fee Payment Options

James Harding offers great convenience and ease when it comes to fee payments. There are two options for fee payment to best suit your needs.


Students who are passionate, talented and focused get the same opportunity to acquire education at James Harding University without worrying much about the financial constraints. At JHU we believe in providing premium class education to everyone, anywhere in the world, without any geographical and financial hindrance. To secure our noble cause at James Harding University, we have introduced number of scholarship programs that help students in realizing their dreams and making the desired career growth. Students are encouraged to apply and excel in their areas of personal and professional interest.

Get up to 90% discount on your Tuition Fee through JHU's Scholarship Program

How JHU's Scholarship program works?

James Harding University's Scholarship program is one of the best things JHU does for the truly deserving students. The students who are awarded these scholarships are paid for directly by the university without any botheration. The university offers up to 90% of the total tuition fees as scholarships so that the students are at optimal ease and education remains their core concern. Enormous amounts are invested in scholarships every year by James Harding University to fulfill its mission of spreading education globally.

Who is eligible for James Harding Scholarship Program?

We understand that financing your education and bearing all the expenses can be difficult at times. Keeping this in mind we have relaxed our scholarship policies to the extent that 75% of the applicants qualify for our scholarships. Working adults, veterans, home-schooled students, job seeking individuals and military officials are our preferred candidates for scholarships.

The evaluation process for scholarships is completely transparent and based on merit so that the promise of equal opportunity is met on all levels. Our management ensures that you remain informed at all stages of your scholarship process. Even before your program commences you will be informed about the scholarship you qualify for.

How to apply?

The following is a summary of how you can apply for the scholarship and how the process takes place at JHU.

Once your scholarship request is received a formal scholarship application form is dispatched to you. When we receive the filled application for scholarship, an evaluation committee takes three days to evaluate your application and you are informed about the approval of your scholarship. Following this approval, your fee payment voucher is made that also accounts for the scholarship you are entitled for.